Magnetic Moments in The Kitchen

​On Saturday I had my last full day in the Kitchen space - the morning full of adults and children making fridge magnets using collage and felt and drawing directly on magnetic sheets.  It is always fun to see what kids come up with, and there were some pretty cool fish, octopus, spiders and turtles appearing on the fridge in the gallery!  There was a great turnout and it looked like everyone was enjoying themselves.  The great thing about the Kitchen is that there is always room for more, and people can still come in and wander about without feeling like they are in the way when a workshop is happening.  That's what I love about the Open Space project - an event can be happening there, and people can still come in and observe or take part - it is relaxed and open to anyone!  When things are on in the education room, there is only room for the people attending and it is a private space that is closed off from the rest of the gallery, which is good for some things of course, but I love the inclusiveness of having workshops within the gallery itself. Then you are surrounded by artwork and inspiration.

In the afternoon I had time to set up for my last residency activity, which was to draw some comics of events of the day - it all went too fast!  In fact I still need to ink up some of the drawings, but I will then scan them in and have them up on the blog.  It really started snowing in the afternoon, so there were only a few people who wandered in.  I still had a chance to chat and show them some of the work in the space.  There is always something new here, and I had fun playing with the Sonic Menu created by Chris Mapp.  And of course the mobile by Simon Fenoulhet always catches my attention as it slowly spins and throws colours and shadows on the opposite wall to where I was working.  

I will miss the Open Space project, and the feeling of being able to go to the gallery to just 'hang out', meet people, and see what new things have been happening.  The Kitchen definitely had a bright energetic atmosphere where the more you looked around, the more things you discovered.  I hope some new spaces like this will pop up in the future! 

Creating some quick cartoons
Some of the creatures made in the morning!
Drawing on the Kitchen Walls..


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Tuesday, 04 August 2020

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