Last day in The Kitchen

This week was my final session in The Kitchen with the young people from Bettws Lifehouse. We spent the time finishing off the piece we will leave for the remainder of the exhibition. It combines some of the sound work we have done with the group's enjoyment of drawing and painting. The session started with a big white box! The group worked really hard to turn into an amazing sound installation adorned with images of kitchen objects and some of the things we used as source sounds.

The piece itself is interactive. You can use the buttons on top to create the young people's sonic recipes from the sonic cookbook. We encourage you to create your own sonic recipes and leave them for others to find and recreate.

It's been a fantastic experience working with the young people in The Kitchen. They have worked hard and come up with some very creative responses to the work we have been doing. I'm really pleased with how the final piece has come together. The whole project has been a fantastic experience, both the work with the young people and being given time to develop some of my own work. I've learnt a lot as an artist and a facilitator and hopefully the young people have enjoyed it as much as I have.

Please go down to The Kitchen and have a play with our sonic recipes. If you make your own then post it on Twitter and copy me in (@mappage). Thanks to Amber for her invaluable help with this project and to Neil for his ability to fabricate exactly what we needed from the vaguest of descriptions!

The Kitchen is very noisy today


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Monday, 03 August 2020

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