Drawing on the Kitchen Walls..

​I am a bit late with my blogging this time - my post is from October at the start if the Kitchen: 


Well, Open Space is here again! At Oriel Davies till end of January.And I am honoured to be part of it again!

After the Drawing Room escapades, I was invited to intervene in the real space of The Kitchen. A creative, social space, where art, performance, craft and film will be made, shared and inspired.

I started my time with free reign to draw on the walls, which was a bit intimidating to start with!I had to sketch ideas out first and think about how we wanted the space to feel with two dimensional drawings of objects in a kitchen working with the real elements in the space.I liked the idea of the objects working together – a coat drawn to hang on a real coat hook, or a plant drawn sitting on the real shelf.It created a playful feel to the room and hopefully that inspired people to relax and interact with the space.I made a fridge drawn on the wall and then Neil, the technician, put metal sheets up for the doors so we could put magnets on it. And a blackboard was painted on the wall for maximum writing space and lots of chalk was available for future messages!

So the room formed around me as I worked alongside the technicians and Amber and the Kitchen was born!

December -

So many events have happened here since the opening, and the chance for people to meet and talk and interact with objects and workshops, etc. has made the kitchen another great 'exhibition' for the gallery. It reaches new audiences and brings in people who might not enjoy just looking at art in a gallery. People find it surprising that they can be part of the space, play with the materials, let their children play or sit and read. I had a day of collage in the Kitchen and the families that had booked in where all taking part, when others who just wandered in joined in as well!  It was an energetic morning with sequins and shiny paper cuttings everywhere as the children, and then the adults as well, made Christmas cards for their friends and family!

I made some postcards for the space too - 'postcard' postcards.  A play on the 2D/3D nature of the space - come and pick one up!

January - 

Happy New Year! Looking forward to being in the space for a day on the 20th - a short workshop making magnets for the fridge, and then some interventions in the space - it will be a surprise for all (including me!)

The Open Space project is a brilliant way of breaking down the barriers between the gallery and the local people.There are so many different workshops and performance, that there is something to appeal to everyone.It is a living space where people can gather and have conversations about anything, and don't have to feel intimidated by an artwork or feel lost in a gallery space.It is a place to sit, interact, or just observe.A place that is harder to find in today's towns and cities, a space with no commercialization or expectations. It just is.

Real magnets for the wall fridge!
Fun drawing on the walls in the kitchen!
Magnetic Moments in The Kitchen
Last Day in the Drawing Room residence!


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Monday, 03 August 2020

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