Kitchen Print Lab | Morag Colquhoun and Lisa Wilkens | The Drawing Room 2016
Image: Kitchen Print Lab | Morag Colquhoun and Lisa Wilkens | The Drawing Room 2016


Following successful funding bids to the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation and the Arts Council of Wales Lottery, Oriel Davies launched Open Space in autumn 2016.

It is intended that Open Space will be a creative hub generating and presenting a broad platform of cultural activity within a dedicated period. Open Space was developed as a pilot project that would take place over a 2-year period, that would run alongside, and in addition to, the Gallery's existing exhibition and learning programmes.


To develop the Gallery's existing artistic and learning programmes by exploring new models of working that encourage a broader spectrum of creative inputs/outputs and collaborations, coupled with participation and interaction with new and existing audiences and partners.


  • To widen the Gallery's spectrum of cultural production and presentation
  • To encourage vibrant and experimental activity
  • To promote artistic excellence
  • Increase access to and create new cultural activity
  • To cross-pollinate audience/participators by using a common thread across each
  • programme
  • To offer more artist/audience contact time through residencies, collaborations,
  • commissions
  • To build, maintain and sustain new partnerships
  • To enhance our support and presentation of Wales-based practices and initiatives
  • To work cross-departmentally, together with the Open Space Coordinator, to
  • oversee and develop programmes of activity
  • To reflect on each programme in order to inform the next
  • To look for sustainable ways to develop outcomes for the longer term

Open Space is supported by the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation and Arts Council of Wales.

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