I arrived early to get an impression of The Drawing Room before it was open to the public. Its larger than I thought, like a stage set, a fiction, a m...
Last Day in the Drawing Room residence! Day 7 15 th Dec 2016 Last day of the residency was very busy – so much to do:pen and ink drawings, editing of ...
The focus of this residency was to respond to Oriel Davies' new exhibition space. The Drawing Room, or the 'withdrawing room' to give it the original ...
​"Another exercise that is very effective is walking on colours. Pick out all the reds on a street, focussing only on red objects-brick, lights, sweat...
Just got back from London where I visited The Victoria and Albert Museum's Clothworkers' Centre at Blythe House. I'd arranged to see various samplers ...
Friday Dec 2 nd Set the pages shivering with secret sounds, under the covers. Today – do some drawings in The Drawing Room. Contact mics under the tab...

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